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Little Flock Christian School is hosting the 2nd annual Walkathon during the entire month of October. Students and staff at Little Flock Christian School (LFCS) walk, play, have fun, and raise money – all at the same time! This year, our goal is to raise $20,000 which will be used for many school projects and programs benefitting ALL of our students.


Our students and staff will be participating in a variety of fun, easy, and healthy activities that can be incorporated right into the classroom or anywhere throughout the school day. Every week we will have a weekly challenge to inspire, motivate, and get students super excited about completing the big event– Walkathon. These challenges give students the freedom to participate in a number of fitness activities and game, all while raising support for the school.

This year's theme is the Olympics!


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Weekly Events

Kids Racing


Kids Running

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Event Schedule

Opening Ceremony

Friday, October 1

9:30 am

We will celebrate countries from all around the world as we kick off our Walkathon Olympics with a school-wide parade. Students can dress up to represent their home country, and carry their flags to wave around!



October 8

Students will engage in a fun Aerobics class on Zoom! The class will combine elements of dance, exercise, and music to get the students moving and active.


October 15

Students will bring their bike or scooter to school and participate in a challenge with their classmates.


October 22

Students will participate in a series of challenges throughout the school. There will be 7 different stations that the classrooms will rotate through.



October 29

The final event will take place during the school day from 9:30 am - 12 pm outside and is designed to engage the entire school community, including teachers, administrators, students and parents.

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