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Little Flock Christian School is hosting our ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA during the  month of October. During this sports themed fundraiser all students and staff at Little Flock Christian School (LFCS) learn different sports, walk, play, jump, dance and  have fun, and raise money – all at the same time! This year, our goal is to raise $10,000 which will be used to purchase new classroom equipment and furniture, as well as  updating space for a student library and discovery room.  


Our students and staff will be participating in a variety of fun, easy, and healthy activities that can be incorporated right into the classroom or anywhere throughout the school day.

Every week we will have a weekly challenge to inspire, motivate, and get students super excited about sports, health and fitness. These challenges give students the freedom to participate in a number of fitness activities and games, all while raising support for the school.

Each week Happy Feet Soccer will visit our school to  teach students a different sport.

Week 1: T-ball/Baseball

Week 2: Soccer

Week 3: Basketball

Students will have time throughout each week to practice their new skills.  They will also have opportunities to participate in other forms of fitness, such as zumba, walking, yoga, and aerobics!

Event Schedule

All Star Extravaganza Kick Off

Thursday, October 5

10:00 am

All students will gather for an opening ceremony that will include Music, Cheering, and an introduction to some of the fun sports and activities that we will be participating in!  We will end by "Passing the Ball," an activity for all students!  

Week One Goal: Raise $3,500
Sport: T-Ball/Baseball
Fitness Activity: Yoga
Health: Eating Fruits and Vegetables

Week of  October 10


  • Baseball  or T-ball activities  

  • Special lesson from Happy Feet instructors

  • Yoga exercises with Ms. Cynthia

  • Learning about fruits and vegetables (and of course eating them)

Week Two Goal: Raise $3,500
Sport: Soccer 
Fitness Activity: Zumba 
Health: How to avoid germs

Week of October 16

  • Soccer activities

  • Special lesson from Happy Feet instructors

  • Zumba Fitness with Ms. Cynthia

  • Learning about germs and how to stop the spread!

Week Three Goal: Raise $3,000
Sport: Basketball
Fitness Activity: Kids Bootcamp 
Health: Importance of sleep

Week of 
October 23

  • Basketball Activities

  • Special lesson from Happy Feet instructors

  • Kid Bootcamp Stations with Ms. Cynthia

  • Learning why sleep is important to our bodies.

Closing Ceremony and Fall Festival


October 27

The final event will take place during the school day from 9:30 am - 12 pm outside and is designed to engage the entire school community, including teachers, administrators, students and parents.  (Will be moved to gym if there is rain.)

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