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Hello Little Flock Parents! This section is designed to help you navigate through the school experience with ease. Our parents are valued members of the Little Flock family. We use Brightwheel as our main communication platform for teachers and parents to connect instantly throughout the day. Through the app, you can easily see your child's updates, photos, and classroom information. We also use Brightwheel to track attendance and you will need it check in/out your child each day. Download the app today or check into their website to stay connected with us.


School Uniforms

All Little Flock students must wear the school uniform with the school logo. On Fridays, the students have free dress.


School Lunch

We cater lunch at Little Flock through Schoolhouse Grill. They provide balanced, healthy lunches with both meat and vegetarian options available.

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School Supplies

We ask parents to provide individual school supplies for each child to help us to continue to prevent the spread of germs, and sharing of personal belongings.

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