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Our Programs

The Early learner years are a child’s first exposure to a school setting. We understand the importance of a loving and nurturing environment for the children. We want each child to have a close, warm bond with their teachers. We provide praise, encouragement, and positive redirections as they learn to transition into a new setting. We encourage our children to develop a sense of competence and self-worth as they learn to take care of themselves and others.  As the children continue throughout the school year, we provide opportunities to challenge a child so they are able to see the joy of accomplishing new things. 


Building Blocks


Ages 2-3

Our youngest learners are full of energy and excited to explore!



Ages 3-4

Our three year olds are learning independence and continuing to explore their senses.

Preschool Learning Pod


Ages 4-5

Our K4 class is preparing for Kindergarten and developing greater fine motor skills.


Elementary school


5 - 6 years old

Our private full-day Kindergarten class ensures all the students build a strong foundation in academics and in the Word of God.

Back to School with Mask


6 - 7 years old

The first grade program prepares the students to be strong readers and writers as they grow in expressing themselves creatively, and develop a strong sense of confidence. 

Student With Face Mask


7 - 8 years old

As the oldest students in the school, our second graders continue to demonstrate higher levels of concentration, responsibility and leadership.


Our school program includes daily specials to help our children grow into well rounded students. These include:

  • Foreign Language – Arabic, Korean or Spanish

  • Music

  • Library

  • Physical Education

  • Chapel

  • Daily Recess

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