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Our Programs

The Early learner years are a child’s first exposure to a school setting. We understand the importance of a loving and nurturing environment for the children. We want each child to have a close, warm bond with their teachers. We provide praise, encouragement, and positive redirections as they learn to transition into a new setting. We encourage our children to develop a sense of competence and self-worth as they learn to take care of themselves and others.  As the children continue throughout the school year, we provide opportunities to challenge a child so they are able to see the joy of accomplishing new things. 


Image by Ryan Fields


Ages 2-3

Our youngest learners are full of energy and excited to explore!

Image by Stephen Andrews


Ages 3-4

Our three year olds are learning independence and continuing to explore their senses.

Image by Jason Sung


Ages 4-5

Our K4 class is preparing for Kindergarten and developing greater fine motor skills.


Image by Andrew Ebrahim


5 - 6 years old

Our private full-day Kindergarten class ensures all the students build a strong foundation in academics and in the Word of God.

Image by CDC


6 - 7 years old

The first grade program prepares the students to be strong readers and writers as they grow in expressing themselves creatively, and develop a strong sense of confidence. 


Our school program includes daily specials to help our children grow into well rounded students. These include:

  • Foreign Language – Arabic, Korean or Spanish

  • Music

  • Library

  • Physical Education

  • Chapel

  • Daily Recess

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