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We are excited for our school Walkathon throughout the month of October!  Students and staff at Little Flock Christian School (LFCS) walk, participate in fun exercise-related activities, and raise money – all at the same time! Our goal this year is to raise $20,000 which will be used for various school projects and programs benefiting ALL of our students.


  This year's theme is Race to the Stars!  Our students and staff will be participating in a variety of fun spaced-themed fitness activities and games to get ready for the Walkathon and raise support for our school.


Children Playing

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Weekly Activities

Bike Riding


Kids in Bouncy Castle

Our School!

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Event Schedule

Opening Ceremony


October 6

We will kick off our Walkathon with a "blast-off" school-wide parade around the school!



October 14

Students are welcome to bring their bike or scooter to school and participate in a special "space ride" with their class. 


October 21

Students will participate in a few "space jump" exercises including a moon bounce and jump roping.  They will also "space travel" through an obstacle course.

Walkathon Closing Ceremony & Fall Festival

October 28

The final event will take place during the school day from 9:30 am -
12 pm.  Parent volunteers are welcome to join in on the finale of our school's Race to the Stars Walkathon and Fall Festival!

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