Here you will find posted some ways you can volunteer at school. Please check the volunteer opportunities regularly to see if there is an area in which you can serve. Many hands make the work light and allow us to provide more for our students!

Lunch Volunteer Coordinator Needed: If you are able to volunteer at the school, please consider becoming a lunch volunteer coordinator. In order to continue our hot lunch program, we need parents help to assist in our lunchprogram.  For more information please contact the school office 703-591-1216.

Classroom Parents: One or two parents who will help coordinate special activities, parties and the special needs of the classroom. They assist the school and teacher in communicating upcoming events and help coordinating classroom volunteers. Your student's teacher will determine the need and nature of help desired. If you are interested in being a room parent please speak with your child's teacher.



Mrs. G’s Ode to Volunteers

It is no secret that Little Flock Christian School has the best volunteers in the world.

They come willingly to serve lunches, drive to field trips and I think they would, if asked, paint a mural!

They quickly check in at the school office and set off to get to work with a smile

While they work for free they still get their pay which consists of hugs and toothless grins that make them go the extra mile.

Whether it be filing, answer phones, organizing a class party or serving lunches, or Power Serving, painting faces, taking tickets at Family Fun Day

Or making crafts in the classroom, setting up or tearing down, stuffing envelopes, helping the teacher in the classroom,

We are better and stronger because of you.

You see, when you volunteer at LFCS, you are not just serving lunch or helping the teachers. You are touching eternity. You are the hands of feet of Jesus.

Nothing pleases Him more than to see His children working together to further His Kingdom.

So today we thank you and we honor you for giving of yourself to our school.