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Ms. Elizabeth Cranford is one of our K3 Preschool teachers . Her caring spirit is sure to win the heart of your child and your own heart as well. She comes to us with a B.S. in Psychology from University of Mary Washington, and her dedication and love for learning are apparent in her classroom. Ms. Elizabeth teaches excellence by explaining to her students “as long as you do your best work all the time, then everyone- me, Mom & Dad, and God will be very proud of you.” One way she practices excellence herself, is by reading articles and researching new innovative ways to teach young children so that she will always be equipped to meet the needs of her students. Ms. Elizabeth believes in giving students the freedom to create and use their imagination in order to help them learn, this approach to learning is used in every subject she teaches, from phonics, to numbers, to Bible time. Her open communication with parents helps her to develop a safe and collaborative learning environment for all her families.


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