Children of this generation are being exposed to technology at a younger age and we want to make the most of their interest by expanding classroom lesson in using technology as a teaching aid. Smartboards are located in all the classrooms and act as a new media form as teachers are able to introduce new lessons in fun and exciting ways. Also, starting in our K3 program, children attend computer class each week. Below is just an overview of some of the skills our teachers are focusing on in laying down a strong educational foundation. 

·         Hand Eye Coordination: using the mouse helps refine hand & eye coordination (clicking, dragging, and dropping).

·         Encourages Creativity: paint programs and games allow children to experiment with colors and different materials (paint brushes, spray paint, buckets, etc.) This also teaches children cause & effect.

·         Problem Solving: Build problem solving skills, whether it be a matching game or a puzzle to solve.

·         Identification & Recognition: Practice identifying numbers, shapes, colors, letters, sounds, and even animals

·         Computer Knowledge: Children need to know how to properly operate a computer, use a mouse & keyboard, and even how to turn on the sound.  


Some Online Resources:


         Fisher Price Online Learning Games

         AOL Kids

         Fun School


         Sesame Street


**Children's computer time should always be monitored, so it can be a social time with mom, dad, or siblings.