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Little Flock Christian School

Evaluations and Testing

Homework and the Development of Study Skills
Homework is given in age/grade appropriate ways at all levels. Younger children will have short assignments that help reinforce what is being learned in class and help parents understand the new skills and knowledge that their children are developing. Older children (starting in first grade) will also have a school planner in which homework assignments are written. All students are taught how to study and review for tests and quizzes. Upper elementary students will also have extra instruction in study and organization skills.

Standardized Testing
Students in Virginia private schools do not participate in Virginia SOL’s (Standards of Learning tests). However, Good Shepherd feels that yearly outside testing is essential to assess each student’s progress and also the effectiveness of our programs. Therefore, Good Shepherd students in grades Kindergarten – 2nd grade participate yearly in standardized assessments which ascertain their achievement level in comparison to other students nationally in public schools and in Christian schools as well as providing other important information on each student's learning achievements and needs.  In addition, students participate in tests that measure cognitive skills and abilities and compare them with their achievement levels.   Parents are provided with yearly reports of the results of these tests and may also have one on one conferences to discuss the results.

All Kindergarten –2nd grade students take the TerraNove 3 Achievement Test in April of each year. Students also take the Primary Test of Cognitive Skills(PTCS) for ages 5-7 and the InView for 2nd grade students.  This testing is through CTB/McGraw-Hill.   This testing is in alignment with current state and national standards (National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) framework).  CTB/Mc Graw-Hill is currently in the process of creating an alignment study for the Common Core State Standards.