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"I have a story that I must share with you! The other day, my son was playing with our neighbors who are in 3rd and 6th grade. They were drawing and writing with sidewalk chalk on our driveway when I overheard the girls, our neighbors, exclaim, "You can write in cursive?! I thought you were in Kindergarten!" And, as you know, my son IS in Kindergarten at your school!

I've been meaning to write for a while about how much my wife and I love the school. We're always surprised at how much our son has learned in just half a school year. He's been able to recite bible verses because his teacher, Mrs. G, has set the words to music. Our son has been reading to his little brother as well as teaching him words in Spanish that he has learned at school. And, at night, when we read bible stories to our kids, we are so happy when our son says, "We heard that story at school!"

"I'm glad that I'm able to be involved in my daughter's school, and I so appreciate everything that the teachers and staff do for the children. I never take for granted the quality of education and the Christian experience that GSCA is providing. Although it appears readily accessible here, there are so many children in the world who can only dream of getting such an education." -GSCA Parent

“GSCA clearly provides the essential level of nurturing, educational stimulation, and rigorous competition, needed at the foundation of a child’s elementary training, thus enabling students to be successful in the future. This level of education is provided in a Christian family setting. My husband and I would like to thank the GSCA staff for providing this excellent education for my daughter.” -GSCA Parent

“My daughter receives a wonderful Christian education from nurturing teachers, in a small class setting, which is geared towards an individualized style of teaching. Through my research, and in talking to several people in public schools at the elementary level, I have noticed that the subjects offered at GSCA are competitive, and in most cases they exceed other school programs. “ -GSCA Parent

 Luke 6:40 (New International Version)

"A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher."

This verse has been my theme, as I’ve looked to the Lord to lead us to the right school for our two children.  At Good Shepherd Christian Academy we found a staff of teachers, administrators, and others who truly reflect Christ in all they do.  As I researched local Christian schools, I was surprised to discover that some only offered chapel twice a month for elementary students.  I was thankful to find that GSCA offered weekly chapel, and as a prospective parent, I was blessed to sit in on one of the services.  I truly appreciate Father Anthony’s gift for bringing spiritual truths to life in memorable ways. 

However, what makes GSCA so remarkable to me is that while keeping the kingdom of God first, this school also presents an incomparable curriculum.   As I started doing curriculum research, I found that while A Beka was exceptional for reading and history, it appeared to have gaps in some areas of science, math and other subjects.  The more I researched, the more I believed that an ideal Christian School would use A Beka only in the areas of strength and replace it in the other subjects.  That’s exactly what I found at GSCA.  I was so excited when I met with Mrs. Schultz (former Principal) for the first time and listened as she explained the annual curriculum reviews.  I am confident that at GSCA the very best curriculum choice is in place for each subject in each grade.

“Specials” are another area that sets GSCA apart.  Unfortunately, these economic times have led some schools to cut back on foreign language, music instruction and art.  This makes the program of specials at Good Shepherd even more noteworthy.

I was thrilled to find that GSCA not only offered foreign language twice a week, but that it even offered Arabic. Though our children had never studied Arabic before, my husband and I chose to enroll them both in Arabic because we saw this as an exceptional opportunity to learn one of the world’s most in-demand languages.  Thanks to the excellent and patient instruction of Mrs. Zaki, our children were reading and writing in Arabic script as well as reciting the Lord’s Prayer in Arabic by the end of the second quarter.  I am especially thankful for the opportunity for them to learn Arabic from an instructor who loves the Lord Jesus and chooses the curriculum material carefully to make certain that it honors Christ.  The music and art instruction have been exceptional as well.

I visited more than five other local Christian schools before choosing GSCA.  Some schools did not offer any computer training or foreign language at the elementary level.  Of the schools I visited, only GSCA offered a university-based computer training program.  Again, we’ve been extremely pleased with the results. Good Shepherd’s small class sizes are a blessing as well.  Plus, our children have enjoyed participating in the ACSI competitions.  I am so thankful that the Lord led is to this school.  This is truly a school like no other. -GSCA Parent