The following are the values with which our school was established. These principles guide all decisions and assessment of the ongoing success, growth and development of Little Flock Christian Academy

1. We have a CHRIST-CENTERED BIBLICAL FOCUS– Christian Faith in God is woven into the fabric of everything we do at Good Shepherd. We aim to develop souls as well as minds.

2. We are committed to EXCELLENCE IN ACADEMIC PREPARATION – High academic standards are upheld for all students to provide a solid foundation and maximize every child's learning potential. Students will be equipped with an education to think critically and to influence the world for Christ.

3. We are an OUTREACH to the community around us [evangelism].

4. We work in COLLABORATION with parents and families.

5. We are a SAFE HAVEN for children to be nurtured and develop their God given potential. We foster an atmosphere of Christian love where children, families, and staff are encouraged and empowered and love is demonstrated.

6. We are a FAMILY – not an institution; we care about every student/family/staff member.

7. We are an AFFORDABLE school – we are committed to offering an affordable Christian education.

8. We seek STAFF LIVING THEIR FAITH – The staff at Little Flock are committed followers of Christ who express to children that they are loved, valued and a priority to us and Jesus Christ.

9. We are commitment to ENRICHMENT – We are dedicated to providing students an education that includes fine arts, foreign language, and technology offering them the tools for the future and nurturing the spiritual, academic, artistic, physical and social gifts of all students.

10. We cultivate an APPRECIATION OF DIVERSITY - With a diverse school community we cultivate respect and compassion among students, staff and the community.